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Mike W

  • Commented on Creative writing challenge!
    I might be able to incorporate these story elements into my grindhouse update* to Wind in the Willows based on this story of Australian water rats performing in-vivo surgery on toads to feast on their hearts. (*Not to be confused...
  • Commented on Three pieces of news about the Laundry Files (UPDATED!)
    > And Ian Richardson as Angleton Snap! The show would then be "House of Tarot Cards"...
  • Commented on Three pieces of news about the Laundry Files (UPDATED!)
    Hartnell as Angleton fits into the general line-up I imagined: Peter Cushing, Ian Richardson....
  • Commented on Rejection Letter
    If you're in a loosely-confederated organisation like a university then you have researchers ( with a special call-out to medical researchers ) using expensive devices tethered to workstations with dongles that only work with XP or Vista, and the software...
  • Commented on Just plain icky
    Shades of Ridley Scott's recent TV political satire "BrainDead" with parasitic space ants being the pathway to political idiocy....
    I can imagine the combination of his physical thrashing about, verbal bumblings and Laitn quotes being parsed as invocations by some unspeakable entity. CODE: COME WHAT MAY...
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