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    Do you think that Hillary's "blue wall" crumbled in part because of an out-migration of Democrat-leaning voters from those states to other states where their votes wouldn't affect the Electoral College outcome, rather than because they voted Trump this time...
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    I wouldn't regard Communism as a religion as it lacks any supernatural element -- personally, I quite like Craig Schumacher's three-phase classification of ethical systems. (He's a neo-pagan who initially devised the system to classify trends within neo-paganism, but realized...
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    Not outrageously low, but 64% for 18-24s considerably lower than the 90% for 65+s (and probably enough to make the difference)....
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    I suspect the timing of the referendum may have had a lot to do with the low youth turnout, as many students will have moved house very recently (returning to their parents from their term-time address, or moving to take...
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    Speaking of Syrian refugees, I've been thinking again about those gang-rapes in Cologne. I don't believe any genuine refugees would commit such heinous acts, as it is obviously an act of treachery against both their host country and against their...
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    SFReader3 @518: OTOH, proposed Scotland's secession from the UK and rejoining the EU would not be wise. See contrasting experiences of crisis in Iceland and Greece. The "contrasting experiences" of Iceland and Greece had nothing to do with the fact...
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    Could Ulster request to come under Holyrood's rule, so that it could stay in the EU without having to come under "Catholic" control?...
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