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    No, I think I do understand what your point was. However if you ask me to choose between the likelihood that this was an act of gross negligence/wilful disregard that came about because of a confluence of events (including revising...
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    I teach this incident (as part of a postgrad course) and yes, the evidence is overwhelming that this was (in large part) first a command screw up, i.e taking the ship into danger for no good tactical reason, combined with...
  • Commented on I can't keep up
    Absolutely cannot wait for the Delirium Brief to break cover Charlie so I can get a breath of reality....
  • Commented on Ever Young?
    I was thinking of Charles Halloway, the father in Ray Bradbury's 'Something Wickec This Way Comes' and how he faces Mr Dark because he's the grown up and that's what grown ups do....
  • Commented on Ever Young?
    Hey Charlie! Let me sneak in a happy birthday in advance. :) I blame the boomers (of course) their overweening worship of 'youth culture', whatever the hell that is, it's given us an intergenerational hangover of epic proportions. Hard to...
  • Commented on A plaintive request
    'Per se', Collingridge's dilemma....
    Yup, and just remember that villages in Germany are only 2kT apart (old war planner joke)....
  • Commented on Constitutional crisis ahoy!
    I've been looking around for a hard edged economic analysis of what the effect on both the EU and England would be of Brexit. All I've seen to date are some fairly loose goosey hand waving exercises (on both sides...
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