Bo Lindbergh

Bo Lindbergh

  • Commented on Popcorn Time
    What TLD would an independent Scotland get? The S row is rather crowded.......
  • Commented on The internet of decay
    Artificial engine sounds have been around in science fiction since at least 1975. Follow this handy ISFDB link to have the short story in question spoiled for you....
  • Commented on Empire Games
    If it turns out that the Wolf Orchestra is actually from yet another timeline, I shall complain about contrived excessive twistiness. :-PMore seriously, what are those asterisks doing in Miriam's character profile? ("But she wasn't expecting them to be expecting...
  • Commented on Empire Games
    Bought in iBooks; verified to be DRM free....
  • Commented on Administrative note
    Old Man's Laundry? Colour me doubtful....
  • Commented on Empire Games
    It will be interesting to see if Miriam has gotten any better at long-term planning. She used to include steps like "3. A miracle occurs and my nasty relatives suddenly decide to leave me alone."...
  • Commented on The Nightmare Stacks: US Launch
    "Sorry about this disappointing revelation of how uncool I actually am", maybe?...
  • Commented on The Nightmare Stacks: US Launch
    Now expecting Bob to actually raise a dead mainframe in a future story....
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