Kimberly Unger

Kimberly Unger

  • Commented on Quantum of Nightmares
    I have thoroughly enjoyed the spinoff to date and I hope there's a world where it can continue alongside the main Laundry Files series (it feels like there is an opportunity the occasional narrative pincer action, complex though it might...
  • Commented on On hold
    What I want to know is what price those fish were paid to help out in the hack. And how does one go about hiring fish-hackers, because.... well I have this project.......
  • Commented on A plaintive request
    Holy sh*t. Soft Bank bought ARM. Almost every single mobile device out there uses an ARM-designed chip. One could wreak a h*ll of a lot of havoc by tinkering with that design process. I mean, that would be my reasoning...
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