Jan de Wit

Jan de Wit

  • Commented on Upcoming Appearances
    Finally an event I can make it to! (the one in Amsterdam, that is) Will you be signing just books sold there (I'm still a couple behind, Laundry-wise) or can I bring part of your backcatalogue?...
  • Commented on State of the Charlie
    I'm in the Netherlands where the daylight hours are close to fitting inside my commute+work, and I'm starting to feel the blues and sluggishness as well. My usual remedy is a couple of weeks in South America around Midwinter, but...
  • Commented on What are you reading this summer?
    Currently reading: The Expanse series (plus novellas) because I just bingewatched the first season of the TV adaptation and that itch needs scratching. Next up: TNS because the Laundry, and the new MacLeod. After that, I'm going to try my...
  • Commented on Empire Games
    Great, looking forward to it! Will there be a sample chapter at some point?...
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