• Commented on Do my Laundry
    Possibly I'm a bit of a dim bulb but... 1) What has protected Mo and why was she allowed to survive? 2) What is the arc of the Senior Auditor and what is he up to? 3) Why should any...
  • Commented on Behind the Ukraine war
    If I were a member of a tank crew in any nation I'd be thinking of a change in jobs real soon now. The lethality of shoulder-launched weapons is being demonstrated as nothing I've seen. We can remember the Iraq...
  • Commented on What are you reading this summer?
    "Blue at the Mizzen" by Patrick O'Brien because I just need to return to this fabulous series. "Rum Affair" by Dorothy Dunnett because it is set along the west coast of Scotland where I'll be cruising in a week or...
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