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    «forces in the West have been complicit with what the Russians are doing because higher living standards, especially sustainable such, are a threat to them. Comfortable people not living in fear» I think that our blogger's notion that it is...
  • Commented on Writer, Interrupted
    «but now seem to be heading back through time as fast as we can go.» The dream seems to be to go back to 50s: for some it is the 1850s, for others the 1750s. :-( «It is slightly horrifying...
  • Commented on Writer, Interrupted
    «this company would allocate a specific should-take time to different types of task, and if you achieved less than the target you'd miss out on raises and bonuses» That's often entirely intentional. Just like most companies intentionally set quite low...
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    «The dishonesty of the open plan advocacy is the worst part, in my opinion. I hate that it's sold as a productivity boost when a multitude of studies have shown just the opposite. We know it's about money. Don't bullshit...
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