• Commented on Lying to the ghost in the machine
    "shitty internet-of-things gizmos"... that paragraph reads like a current sysadmin wrote it. Don't sell yourself short Charlie... the tech changes every 5 years but for the BOFH, the song remains the same. Also a fun shout-out to Stephen Blackmoore... one...
  • Commented on Roll the dice
    I think I'd go chat with @TychoBrahe, aka Jerry Holkins the guy behind penny arcade and PAX....
  • Commented on 2117 revisited
    Will a given language be shaped by its ability to translate? The translation process will certainly be completely automated, at least for the 'printed' word. I would assume that our contacts or glasses will throw up a HUD with sub-titles,...
  • Commented on The light at the end of the tunnel (is not necessarily an oncoming train)
    "+1 for a double helping of gravitas". Perfect... that's my new ship name....
  • Commented on I can't keep up
    I may have found it, though of course it's all but unpronounceable. Strangely enough, if you translate 'utter twat' to its nearest analogue in Outer Chthonian......
  • Commented on Suspense is the key
    Interesting... sorry for the TV reference, but an old TV guy (Norman Lear) condensed it down as 'fiction is all about relationships'....
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