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    IIRC Long ago, back when the world was less obviously the screen play for a dystopian SF novel, you were responsible for several of D&Ds more excentric monsters and a 40K short story. What more would you want to do...
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    Apologies for that homophonic issue. I did indeed mean large piles of valuables rather than masses of troops. That does however suggest the possible alternative that the dragons are using the gold to make wargames figures. Presumably as a method...
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    On the Dragon bank, since its less depressing. It is of course only a short time before Balrog 419 scams start. http://shaggy-dogs.briancombs.net/a-419-nigerian-scam-from-uruk/ The other thing that comes to mind. Why do dragons want hordes? If it is a some authorities...
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    You really, really don't want to see what they did to Lensman. Unless you are desperate for an anime Star Wars pastiche with dated CGI. Why is Van Buskirk an anthropomorphic moose? Why is Worsel an anthropomorphic pterodactyl? Why do...
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    "An opportunity to change the way things are came along with the Brexit vote. No guns or bloodshed required." How soon you forget Jo Cox MP. Killed by a pro-Brexiteer....
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