• Commented on London Bridge
    Posting briefly: reader here since Marc Andreesen recommended Charlie's writing in about 2007. Grateful for the moderators keeping this place civil. Reading for the in depth content in areas mostly different from my own areas of expertise, and because it's...
  • Commented on Fossil fuels are dead (and here's why)
    Near future fiction on this topic, Kim Stanley Robinson's The Ministry for the Future is worth reading. Spoiler : ultimately optimistic .....
  • Commented on Crawling from the wreckage
    For more review, there's the long discussion at The WELL - Bruce Sterling, James Bridle, Tiffany Lee Brown, Jake Dunagan Bruce starts with "We do this State of the World every year out of sheer glee. It's a mental...
  • Commented on Dude, you broke the future!
    "It reads like the plot of a sci-fi novel: a technology celebrated for bringing people together is exploited by a hostile power to drive people apart, undermine democracy, and create misery. " Roger McNamee. Reasonable suggestions about how to fix...
  • Commented on PSA: Please don't nominate the Laundry Files for a Best Series Hugo Award (this year)
    OGH's CCC talk Cory Doctorow "Stross's overall point, though, is an excellent one. The artificial lifeforms birthed by finance capitalism and technology are taking over, and they are consuming our political and deliberative processes."...
  • Commented on What can possibly go wrong?
    Text to speech, with various accents and emotions - Edinburgh company
  • Commented on Are VR esports going to become a thing?
    Not arcades, but cafes in Seoul
  • Commented on Trapped in the wrong trouser-leg of time
    Here is the view from the back of Queen St onto Hill Street ... not the most challenging of windows scapes .. those are in the Old Town.
  • Commented on Trapped in the wrong trouser-leg of time
    Edinburgh windows in old buildings are interesting. Sash windows, designed so that each section can be transferred to weight bearing hinges, which swing inward .. so that the windows could be cleaned from inside the flat without scaffolding in the...
  • Commented on Trapped in the wrong trouser-leg of time
    Regarding tanstaafl Didn't originate with Heinlein, either, though he used it long prior to Milton Friedman....
  • Commented on Facts of Life and Death
    No one has yet mentioned by MFK Fisher about how to feed oneself adequately when in severely reduced circumstances....
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