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J. J. MacClure

  • Commented on We're sorry we created the Torment Nexus
    No I was not joking, but I do see nonfiction books published often so it must be selling otherwise publishers wouldn't bother....
  • Commented on We're sorry we created the Torment Nexus
    Brilliant summary as always, these people need to hear this message to bring them back to Earth as it exists. We need to bring pragmatism back, to face the problems of the day as they are without all of the...
  • Commented on Yokai Land Q&A
    Thank you sir, much appreciated sir. Yeah, I can see how writing so many stories in the same setting could lead to boredom. I'm really just looking forward to your next novel, no matter what the setting is, something completely...
  • Commented on Yokai Land Q&A
    Just wanted to say that I really enjoyed the novella, as well as Quantum of Nightmares (meat is really gross). Exploring other mythologies in the context of the Laundryverse is a great idea, one which I hope you expand further....
  • Commented on New Book Week!
    I've read all of your books, except for The Merchant Princes series, as I tend to avoid fantasy and this series has been marketed as such for years. However, I realize genre can be a misnomer, and I get the...
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