• Commented on Crib Notes: Empire Games
    A Secret Base must include at least one underground feature. Especially if you're the baddies....
  • Commented on A bright and shiny hell
    I've been enjoying Walter Blaire's Eternal Front series, which riff on WWI and imperialism and suchlike. They're refreshingly good, being Kindle Unlimited SF with no Space Marines in sight at all, even though it's SF about a war. Also The...
  • Commented on A bright and shiny hell
    Well, they do taste better, don't they? Of course, they're smaller than the farmed ones, and it's much harder to remove the tentacles and the poison sac from the wild Haggis, but it's worth the trouble....
  • Commented on Trapped in the wrong trouser-leg of time
    Miele is a perfect exemplar of Commander Vimes' Boots. Excellent, long-lasting and hideously expensive....
  • Commented on Character and Exposition are Plot: Why most pop critical terms aren't useful to writers
    I once read a hundred pages or so of a Kevin J Anderson book (wheelers, I think). Then I said a Bad Word and hurled it across the room. You're clearly more tolerant than me....
  • Commented on Some notes on the worst-case scenario
    I was under the impression the tundra melting would lead to a Case Nightmare Fart situation when all the methane trapped there gets dumped in the atmosphere?...
  • Commented on Wooden Train Parenting
    Tiny bagpipes, you say? Where is this shop, exactly? I have nephews and nieces, and my daughter is 21, so there can't be any Xmas payback... Apropos wooden training and denying kids Minecraft, it is infinite Lego, FFS. What parent...
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