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Remy Porter

  • Commented on A fistful of tropes
    That's sorta why I brought up The Ox-Bow Incident and A Bad Day at Black Rock, which both directly tackle racism, and I think the Ox-Bow Incident ends up being very interesting for it, because while yes, it's a white...
  • Commented on A fistful of tropes
    While you're allergic to Westerns, I'm going to rant about the underlying tropes anyway, because I think the main tradition of Westerns actually does ask an interesting question about how society is structured, specifically: how does society structure itself in...
  • Commented on Finding true love in the cosmos
    "Attraction to other species" would only not be conserved if it's primarily genetic- but there's enough bestiality in the world to tell us that there's a complicated social aspect to the whole thing. It's only anti-selective if it prohibits reproduction....
  • Commented on Playtime is over
    I think there's another side of this: it's not just the rise of fascism, but also the collapse of democratic institutions. The power-brokers of the world have never been fond of democracy, and have always worked to erode it, more...
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