• Commented on "It'll all be over by Christmas"
    Gatwick and Heathrow are also both within an hour of Westminster by tube and/or train (Gatwick within 45 minutes)....
  • Commented on Radio silence
    I have heard that Churchill turned down the title of Duke of London largely because at the time inheriting it would disqualify his son from sitting in the Commons and therefore from a serious political career....
  • Commented on Crying fire in a crowded theatre for pleasure and profit
    The rank of Master Sergeant doesn't exist in the British army- the equivalent rank is WO2 (Warrant Officer Class 2), but they're usually referred to by appointment (Sergeant Major, etc.) More importantly, all British military doctors are officers so would...
  • Commented on We get mail (contd.)
    The Greek word used in Euthyphro is hosios, which is usually translated IME as "pious" rather than "holy"- it certainly has a sense of "following the laws"....
  • Commented on The End of the British nuclear deterrent?
    This whole thread reminds me of de Gaulle's statement on the French nuclear programme: Dans dix ans, nous aurons de quoi tuer 80 millions de Russes. Eh bien je crois qu'on n'attaque pas volontiers des gens qui ont de quoi...
  • Commented on The End of the British nuclear deterrent?
    One added point- the UK certainly has the facilities to unload the missiles from a Trident submarine and store them ashore at RNAD Coulport. Coulport, not Faslane, is where warheads are loaded onto submarines- I have seen some sources claiming...
  • Commented on Policy change: future US visits
    There are 92 left as part of Blair's compromise. When one dies, the remaining hereditary peers of their party in the House of Lords hold an election to nominate a replacement....
  • Commented on Playtime is over
    Secondly, over a million over-18 British Citizens registered to vote in general elections were disenfranchised because they happened to live in the EU. AFAIK everyone eligible to vote in a general election was also eligible to vote in the referendum....
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