• Commented on Typo Hunt: Empire Games
    No typos, but I take a shot every time I read "bad coffee"...
  • Commented on Theme, Fiction, and Empire Games
    >Whenever you tell someone that you've written a book, they almost inevitably have questions. >"what's it about" is a question that speaks to one specific layer You almost seem resentful of being asked this specific question all the time. What...
  • Commented on Empire Games
    I absolutely love looking down at my phone and discovering a new book is already in my hands. It's like walking into your favorite bookstore, and finding your favorite author has put out another novel. But this is so much...
  • Commented on Busy busy busy
    Meanwhile, on the US store: "At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied." Thank you for the xmas gift, based Stross...
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