• Commented on Excuses
    I don't disagree on the end-point and the necessity of removing humans from control of the 100mph death boxes, I just think that the convenience of a self-driving car will only be compelling for a certain type of driver. The...
  • Commented on Excuses
    I'd go further and say it'll take a long time for them to be properly 'rare'. Sure, the hordes of reps carving up the motorways will probably be quite eager to trade their dismal diesel boxes in for a shiny...
  • Commented on Report on Seat 14C
    I do understand you but from reading your comments I believe we just have vastly different experiences of this. Yes, card transaction may have more failure modes but if those failures are much more rare an occurence than the few...
  • Commented on Report on Seat 14C
    Aren't those same other people the ones who will be scratching around trying to coax change out of their purse, dropping coins, paying for things in low denomination coins etc? When I'm queuing at a self-checkout I groan inwardly when...
  • Commented on Report on Seat 14C
    "it's a real pain being stuck behind a queue of people each paying a few quid with a card" Interested to know in what situations you find queues quicker with cash? In most shops I use contactless payment and there's...
  • Commented on We get mail (contd.)
    As we're past 300 comments, hopefully this isn't too off topic... My good wife was driving home yesterday listening to Radio 4 when the afternoon drama came on and, as a Laundry fan, she was surprised and delighted to hear...
  • Commented on Empire Games sneak peek
    Big fan of the previous trilogy / hexology (?). It's been a while since I read them though and my memory is not what it used to be. Would I benefit from re-reading MP from the start or is everything...
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