• Commented on Someone please cancel 2019 already?
    Re "We actually need a REAL SENATE ™ with people like Attenborough & senior surgeons & academics in it, who own no allegiance at all to any party or usual factional interest. Problem is, how to keep them honest &...
  • Commented on Brexit! Means! Brexit!
    May not happen as I am unlikely to run into you at a con given I haven't attended any. However I may make an exception for WorldCon 2020. I take your point about cats, but I think their understanding of...
  • Commented on Brexit! Means! Brexit!
    Cattle or cats - doesn't explain the "flying" aspect. Much better explanation of how dragons worked in "The Flight of Dragons" by Peter Dickinson, illustrated by Wayne Anderson from 1979....
  • Commented on Brexit! Means! Brexit!
    Don't ever recall canned curried baked beans, but canned chilli baked beans still around....
  • Commented on Brexit! Means! Brexit!
    Actually, I understand it is belching rather than farting from grazing animals like cattle that causes most of the problems.
  • Commented on That sinking feeling
    Re: The conclusion assumes the UK joins free trade agreements with places like NZ, Australia and Canada This: "New Zealand Government pushes out warning of Brexit trade war risk" -
  • Commented on Not dead but dreaming
    Sorry but too late - and "Gecko" is a boy, but has few other similarities with your super hero description!
  • Commented on Test Case
    Another tangent: The road-kill factor. What say the child in OGH's essay was not a child but (say) a protected/endangered animal - I am thinking of (say) the Kiwi (bird) in NZ. Killing such birds is illegal and therefore prosecuted....
  • Commented on Why I barely read SF these days
    One"emerging technology" which I am most interested in as a game changer is the extension of "3-d" printing technology to allow printing of a wider range of materials. For example replace the "print head" that extrudes plastics in current 3D...
  • Commented on Why I barely read SF these days
    Sometimes context is the only guide to pronunciation - how about "wind" - as in "wind a clock" vs "the north wind"....
  • Commented on Empire Games
    FYI its sometimes not that black and white - From an NZ perspective, in my local (independent) bookshop - and some others, we get books from both UK and US publishers. In fact you can sometimes even find the same...
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