• Commented on Artificial Intelligence: Threat or Menace?
    I first heard of unknown/unknowns in the 90's. Usually the first 3 of 4 are mentioned: 1) known/knowns 2) known/unknowns 3) unknown/unknowns Am rather intrigued by the rarely unmentioned 4) unknown/knowns From a personal level, the unknown/knowns are those tip-of-tongue...
  • Commented on Theme, Fiction, and Empire Games
    Ah yes, that'll teach me to comment before finishing the story. I do like imagining a madam prez ... without the Kissinger fetish for "Constructive Ambiguity" So, +1 on whitroth & Eric's Olson's suggestion of Tammy Duckworth....
  • Commented on Theme, Fiction, and Empire Games
    Rumsfeld as rational POTUS? Perhaps a better alternative than the current one; a known-known versus a known-unknown. Or is the new guy (who shall not be named) an unknown-unknown? What is interesting about the the first and second series is...
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