• Commented on Fuck the Monarchy
    It might be the BRITISH Army, but the Regiments are Royal [We have the same problem here in Australia]. All of our military is under the control of the Executive under the so-called "Royal Prerogative", with Parliament having no say...
  • Commented on Bad news day
    The power/influence of the oligarchs makes sanctions a viable strategy at this stage - IF they are tough and wide enough [real estate in London anyone?] On the geographic front, keep an eye on Turkey - if they close the...
  • Commented on Oh, 2022!
    I love these kinds of posts! I would, however, caution about thinking that the end of ICE car manufacturing will be dictated solely by government diktat. It will most likely come earlier and more chaotically because of manufacturers being unable...
  • Commented on What happens now?
    In the longer term, I think the best comparison is with Argentina after 1955 when Juan Peron was removed from office. His fanatic fan base has remained a powerful political force in the country right to this day, even though...
  • Commented on The Laundry Files: an updated chronology
    "Accelerando" meant that, for me, anything you published was an instant "must acquire". I'm currently on my third copy of the Atrocity Archives because friends (?) keep forgetting to return the book... A couple of questions/points on minor characters: Angleton:...
  • Commented on "It'll all be over by Christmas"
    THAT is scary.......
  • Commented on "It'll all be over by Christmas"
    We, in Australia have (relatively) minute infection numbers and a reported 92% test/track on cases. Opening the economy again will start in four weeks. This raises the question of how earlier recovery will affect various countries and what that will...
  • Commented on CASE NIGHTMARE BLONDE, Part 2
    While you are editing: I think it's meant to be "legs-in-the-air"? Looking at the Northern Hemisphere mess from Australia (where we have our own Trump-lite) it's difficult to understand why the Labour Party doesn't grab the Remainder banner as its...
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