Owen Blacker

Owen Blacker

  • Commented on Abolish the monarchy!
    Charles is very visibly a posh boy from the Home Counties with a foot in Cornwall and no obvious ties to Scotland, Northern Ireland, or Wales. To be fair to the man (which is not something I am often wont...
  • Commented on Roe v Wade v Sanity
    The context for the first one Charlie mentions here, btw, is itself important. Lawrence vs Texas legalised same-sex intercourse across the US, invaliding 13 states' sodomy laws, after Texas cops entered a property following reports of an armed intruder, and...
  • Commented on Dead Lies Dreaming: Spoilers
    The Triple Alliance certainly believed in their own magic, fwiw. Aliette de Bodard's Obsidian and Blood novels feature a protagonist who is the High Priest of the Dead and, in the 3 novels and various shorts, is investigating murders that...
  • Commented on CMAP #16: Book Title Blues
    Regency-setting dragon shifter hentai romance with talking starships Do I detect a fan of Aliette de Bodard? 😄...
  • Commented on New Book Week!
    I'd just assumed that character was going "wow, this is really fast" — as being something beyond their personal experience in any other context — rather than looking at the speedometer....
  • Commented on New Book Week!
    Timeline 1: The Gruinmarkt ☢ Timeline 2: The USA Timeline 3: The North American Commonwealth Timeline 4: The big dome with the portal to the black hole where Earth should be...
  • Commented on Dude, you broke the future!
    sure the ad networks provide the tools that your nazi app developers will need, but the app developers still have to be nazis right? Good thing there's no signs of anti-PC intolerance and that tech isn't unrepresentative of the general...
  • Commented on Empire Games
    I re-read Merchant Princes last year, in impatient anticipation of Empire Games's publication. I'll add myself to the list of people telling you to start at the beginning — though get the newer Omnibus editions. Definitely worth it. A lot...
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