• Commented on Trapped in the wrong trouser-leg of time
    My honest question, assuming your statement is not just trolling, is simple: who builds the infrastructure and from what money? How does the private enterprise solve anything for which a monopoly is natural? Should we have multiple highways going side-by-side...
  • Commented on Book day!
    I really did enjoy her insights. It's a very nice reversal of fish-out-of-water :). To qoute the prelude to a german novel: "Similarities are neither intentional, nor accidental, but rather unavoidable" Re: ensemble cast, looking forward to as many different...
  • Commented on Book day!
    I was referring to the character with a strong claim of examining our culture from the outside. :) (I don't know if spoilers from previous novels are ok or not, else I would spell it out.)...
  • Commented on Book day!
    I must say, I found this as sticky a reading material as Pratchett (as in, eyes are stuck to the page until finished). I read it on Google Books as where I'm now, that's the only way to access the...
  • Commented on The internet of decay
    An interesting application which allows for a lot of insight into true connections between online entities is the new upswell in internet/app-driven board-games. I can offer links on demand, but FFG is the flagship on this one, and large enough...
  • Commented on Some notes on the worst-case scenario
    Well I won't be living up to my handle today :(. I unfortunately agree with every dark cloud you see on the horizon really being there, and would like to add a couple more to them (I briefly touched in...
  • Commented on Policy change: future US visits
    I am starting to be really scared by the combination of leaders and power-players increasingly accepting the loss of significant segments (double-digit percentages) of the global population combined with increased automation making significant segments (double-digit percentages) of the same unnecessary...
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