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    Emoji don't seem to be developing in the direction of ideograms; rather, they're turning into a sort of substitute for gesture and expression, essential elements of spoken communication missing from written language. (Gretchen McCulloch has a nice discussion of this:...
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    Minor mistake: the Russian Imperial Census included Poland and Ukraine and the rest, but for some reason not Finland. And the number of Russian native speakers it found across the Empire was only 55 million, vs something like 150 million...
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    The thing is, 125 million was the population of the entire Russian Empire - including Poland, Finland, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, and all the rest - as of its only census, in 1897. See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Russian_Empire_Census . The population of present-day Russia must...
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    It's not that the population failed to grow, it's that Russia got a lot smaller. Russia in 1910 included all of the former Soviet Union plus Finland and a large chunk of Poland. Wikipedia suggests that the population of the...
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