• Commented on The Pivot
    " provide an adjustment period for leaving organizations like the Customs Union (which wasn't on the ballot in the first place)." Let's not be naive. It's true that the Customs Union was never specifically on the ballot, the Leave campaigners...
  • Commented on Happy 21st Century!
    F! Charlie, I used to look forward to probably living to 150. It's still an option, but I'm about as optimistic as you that it'll be worth staying here into the 22nd century....
  • Commented on Not dead but dreaming
    I loved the story about the Memorial Scrolls Trust. The other, not so much....
  • Commented on Not dead but dreaming
    @JanneM You beat me to it, but I can't help thinking that the reason Hobby Lobby is headquartered in Oklahoma might be an attempt to protect themselves from marine eldritch horrors... I'm afraid you can run, but you can't hide....
  • Commented on Dude, you broke the future!
    Good enough :-) I do subscribe to the theory that ideas want to be born, and will find multiple channels to do so!...
  • Commented on Dude, you broke the future!
    So, who cribbed from whom? This looks an awful lot like Ted Chiang's:
  • Commented on The sudden eruption of news
    There was a lot of discussion of this at coffee break this morning. Everybody agrees they want the Cons out [I work for a scientific foundation that stands to lose significantly from Brexit, and we've already cut staff this year],...
  • Commented on The sudden eruption of news
    "We might actually (gasp) be better off with Boris Johnson, who is at least obviously an incompetent clown." Look how well that attitude is working in the US......
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