Alan Braggins

Alan Braggins

  • Commented on Artificial Intelligence: Threat or Menace?
    The first version of the training data story I heard was a network which appeared to have learnt the difference between NATO and Warsaw Pact planes. Until someone realised that the training data (and initial successful test data) came from...
  • Commented on Brexit! Means! Brexit!
    once we de-decimalize we will introduce the death penalty for trading in BitCoin Okay, that might just be a worthwhile tradeoff. And since we aren't in the Euro zone, we can do it without the Brexit part. As a...
  • Commented on The Pivot
    if the courts permit enough weasel-room to declare the A50 declaration invalid If the Government wanted it declared invalid, they could probably go along with the Article 50 Challenge and tell the court "oh yes, they are right after all,...
  • Commented on The sudden eruption of news
    Seen on Twitter - "She [May] is the last remaining Horcrux of Margaret Thatcher."...
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