• Commented on Happy Halloween!
    The deal with the OPA is that theyre obeying the edicts of what they see as their dread god, but the thing itself is more like a couple of cells scraped from the pudendal nerve of their dread god.its still...
  • Commented on Silence is ending (soon)
    I am hungry to find out how this series ends! Will Bob's possessed corpse finally turn into a tentacle demon? Will we find out what exactly happened to Mo? Will Nyarlathotep start a circus of horrors? Will Cthulhu show up?...
  • Commented on Rejection Letter
    extended support is available to anyone willing to pay the contract price, which is... steep....
  • Commented on Rejection Letter
    Just a note of clarification, MS17-010 was a 58 Day attack, not a 0 Day....
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