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    Are you confusing the head of state (UK=King) with the head of government (UK=Prime Minister)? All the constitutional monarchies have the monarch as head of state, that's their role. But their role is basically ceremonial and power is normally wielded...
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    You're saying the laws of physics make ramping nuclear plants up and down impossible, have you told the French? They've been running at least some of theirs in load-following where they can adjust between 30-100% for several decades....
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    The recent train strikes have in part been about the cleaners and their pay. But as they're in the same union as the guards who are rather more critical to services running then they can cause disruption....
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    https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/1094317/DUKES_2022_Chapter_2.pdf Describes the UK’s production and use of coal. There are still UK coal mines, including some small deep ones. Though most of the supply is from imports, including Russia. There are still 3 coal power stations running as such,...
  • Commented on A death in the Firm
    The title of Duke of Edinburgh has been inherited by Prince Charles, along with Philip's other titles. Although it was announced that Edward would get the title, it appears that this will be when Charles takes the throne and all...
  • Commented on Catching Up
    The demographics are generally shifting in Labour's favour as time goes on without any review. People are moving out of the cities to the country, and moving from the North to the South. Over time this produces smaller seats in...
  • Commented on Catching Up
    A minor correction, abortion is permitted on medical grounds in NI though it is very limited compared to the rest of the UK. Marie Stopes...
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