• Commented on The obligatory general election discussion post
    That was just a throwaway comment about human nature, not saying it doesn't happen, but I suspect you'll find it far more common for leaders quit due to losing an election, ill health, scandal, revolution, etc than saying "you know,...
  • Commented on The obligatory general election discussion post
    Just an outside observer but Jeremy Corbyn seems to have a Hillary Clinton problem. The media has spent so much time shitting on him that actual beliefs don't matter. It is obvious to outside observers that he should take one...
  • Commented on CASE NIGHTMARE BLONDE, Part 2
    My grand unified theory for why everything is going to shit all at once is that social media as the world's most effective personalized propaganda platform. As a result, some critical threshold of voters are making good faith decisions based...
  • Commented on Crying fire in a crowded theatre for pleasure and profit
    Charlie, you're missing the obvious one here. The news media benefits from getting people riled up so they will be glued to their televisions/phones because they want to be told soothing lies kept informed about what the hell is going...
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