• Commented on CMAP #16: Book Title Blues
    Set during CASE NIGHTMARE GREEN under the rule of the New Management, but having nothing to do with the Laundry, "Lost Boys" is free to get away from the pervasive, claustrophobic assumption that of course the civil service spooks are...
  • Commented on Social architecture and the house of tomorrow
    Greater Toronto Area, yes. I guess I'm some sort of neighbour to Robert Prior in #113. Along with around ten million others. :) It seems that a lot of the comments refer to the type of home, rather than the...
  • Commented on Social architecture and the house of tomorrow
    Combine walls that are all video panels with ubiquitous augmented reality headsets, contacts, or other augmentation, and I'm not sure that you would need windows at all for urban living spaces. I imagine that open layouts will still be common...
  • Commented on Houston: what are the long-term consequences?
    A big storm hit on the others side of the world around the same time, right? I can't find a reference because Houston has flooded my feeds. There will be direct political implications in the US, but leaving those aside,...
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