Joe 6pack

Joe 6pack

  • Commented on Sucker bet (a thought experiment)
    Move to a small town in the rural USA with plenty of water and nearby agriculture. Hire local builders to build you a big house. Locate a business there, spun off from however you get your money. Employ young people...
  • Commented on CASE NIGHTMARE BLONDE, Part 2
    The polls amaze me. Most of them say the Tories would win a general election. How can the other parties be losing?...
    Off-topic: it makes me sad that we can keep things out of the public eye by putting them on our blogs....
  • Commented on That sinking feeling
    I see big employment opportunities in the field of customs inspection....
  • Commented on Houston: what are the long-term consequences?
    This hurricane just slammed the biggest petroleum-refining center in the US economy. Maybe it's Gaia's immune-system responding to our fossil-fuel folly. But to answer your question, a lot of cities need to be moved a few meters uphill. And we...
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