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    I had the good fortune to visit a NASA facility earlier this year, and although no one said it outright, it seemed pretty clear at that time that Pence was the final authority in the administration about NASA stuff (this...
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    No, not the same class: I was OC both years, Jenny-Ann Reidy and Barbara Harry were my teachers. Probably my only distinguishing feature if you weren't in my class was I was the smallest kid in the year. Outside class...
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    We must have overlapped there, then: I was there in 80 and 81 if I count my years right. It may be more firmly in my mind as "public" because my younger siblings went there through into the early 90's....
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    Which goes to show how experiences can differ and things change over time. I went to Woollahra School in the early 80's (I'm guessing after you, since it was by then Woollahra Public School, not Woollahra Demonstration School) and the...
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