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chris s

  • Commented on That sinking feeling
    "A rebellious pro-Remain faction who will vote for anything that softens Brexit and don't give a crap about pissing off racists by keeping freedom of movement. This is probably 100 MPs, but Corbyn never wants to call a vote where...
  • Commented on That sinking feeling
    "(*) I'm not convinced by predictions of immediate civil unrest. It took a lot of targeted deprivation and bad racist policing to bring us the sporadic localised riots of the Thatcher era. A spike in hate crimes as happened after...
  • Commented on The Pivot
    "Although the referendum was framed as advisory and limited to leaving the European Union, it was received as a mandate by the Conservative hard right and their hard-left opposite numbers in Labour" As a side note, various shades of soft...
  • Commented on Dude, you broke the future!
    It's all very Futuretrack 5 - if you remember the Robert Westall book....
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