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  • Commented on Public appearances in a time of pandemic
    Too late to comment on that, but still: if you are taking angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors or antagonists of angiotensin II receptors, you might want to substitute those in such occasion (if connection between angiotensin system receptors and virus entering cells...
  • Commented on Normal service will be resumed eventually
    I am sorry for your loss, Charlie. My deepest condolences. Take as much time as you need to recover....
  • Commented on Upcoming events
    Charlie, will it be possible (and appropriate) to find you at some pub in Dublin during the Worldcon? I had been at your Kaffeeklatch in Helsinki two years ago, and at your reading, still chant sometimes to myself "strong and...
  • Commented on Three pieces of news about the Laundry Files (UPDATED!)
    Congratulations on Hugo nomination, Charlie!...
  • Commented on Deaths and Deadlines
    My sympathies, Charlie. You have nothing to apologize for, health problems in family, loss of close relatives are hard. Take your time, recharge your batteries - we have patience. I will wait for your next book as long as it...
  • Commented on Upcoming Appearances
    On the one hand his address this year brought us interesting news - someone might actually have working nuclear propulsion rocket. Good news for future of Solar system exploration. On the other hand - he said it is an atmospheric...
  • Commented on The Nakamoto Variations
    I wanted to propose something along these lines, maybe with less obvious connection to the Laundryverse....
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