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    I've been to that museum in Vancouver, and I concur entirely with Cadre Rokne....
  • Commented on Dread of Heinleinism
    I've not read the book, but does it give any indication of what individuals or parties Juan Rico might be able to vote for when he gets back to civvy street? Because having the "choice" of Republicans (lunatics) or...
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    Don't read Friday. In hindsight, what must have been his attempt at playing "man of the world" just comes across as what the young people these days call "rape culture"....
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    In fairness (to myself), Greg, I've mentioned that later fascination of his on this very forum. As for your forebodings over the near future, I fear you're not that far wrong. Looking at the news from the US often reminds...
  • Commented on Dread of Heinleinism
    I'm glad I read Friday at an age when I was too young to understand what was going on in the opening scenes....
  • Commented on Happy 21st Century!
    Weren't the Exclusive Brethren caught red-handed trying to manipulate NZ politics some years back?...
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