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    I've not read Nora Roberts either, so I have no idea whether she's any good. However, my goal was to point out the absurdity of using sales as the sole determiner of quality. It doesn't matter which of you is...
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    Quality is only relevant in that people care enough to vote for it with their wallet. By that standard, Nora Roberts is a far better writer than our gracious host....
  • Commented on Cutting their own throats
    My preferred solution is a compulsory tax on bandwidth, like the BBC License Fee in the UK. A lot of Americans see the UK's license fee as bizarre (often the same people who happily pay for cable). But at least...
  • Commented on Cutting their own throats
    Heartily agreed with everything Charlie said, and most of what's in the comments. I'm loyal to paper, myself, and have largely resisted ebooks until very recently. I'm now reading a few, and I'm planning to get a tablet in the...
  • Commented on iOS 5: initial notes
    Charlie, since you're on the topic of your iPad, I've been wondering: do you use it for writing on the road? If so, how well does it work as a writing platform? Apologies if you've addressed this before, of course....
  • Commented on More on books
    I'm coming late to this discussion, but I'm afraid I have to cast yet another vote for Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell. I think it's certainly the best genre novel of the last decade--by anyone, male or female--and its masterful...
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