• Commented on The obligatory general election discussion post
    You also have Maine using ranked choice voting in all elections and it has already made third part voting a safe option, as Republicans were in the lead, but after independent candidates were eliminated, the second choice votes elected a...
  • Commented on Tentative hypothesis
    Phone synching: KDE Connect just works(as long as you have an Android phone). It works so well it's getting a Windows port due to demand! I'm not aware of any projects that work well with iOS. Music streaming: 1. Spotify...
  • Commented on Three pieces of news about the Laundry Files (UPDATED!)
    Hopefully something comes to fruition. Looking forward to more reveals!...
  • Commented on Do my Homework
    There is an excellent short story about exactly that, multiple states sharing territory, where belonging determines your taxes and state obligations towards you, written by RafaƂ Kosik, called "Ohyda"(Disgust), published in a polish SF magazine and in an anthology called...
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