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    How’s this for a supervillain: The Angst. Power: They induces intractable despair in middle aged white men, who make up a majority population of Management and, oh dear, superheroes. Origin story: nobody knows. Why bother finding out?...
  • Commented on Happy Halloween!
    Murcushio: you may be right. And you did note there were spoilers. I over-reacted a bit, sorry....
  • Commented on Happy Halloween!
    Just downloaded my Kindle pre order in NZ (from Amazon)! I’ve been looking forward to this. Murcushio: really? Really? It’s just come out and you’re posting spoilers?...
  • Commented on Taxonomy of story, or, why murder?
    My observation about Midsomer Murders is that: 1) a lot of murders happen there in the summer months and 2) you generally don't see the same people twice (except the principle cast). I theorise that the local inhabitants know that...
  • Commented on Sitrep
    On the lighter side, perhaps the reason Itzpapalotl “gifted” these powers to Magical Girl Obsidian Heartbleed was because she (Itzpapalotl) came back from vacation and was very impressed that someone could put a heart back in. It’s hard to be...
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