• Commented on Decision Fatigue
    Lviv: also Lwów between WW1 and WW2 as part of Eastern Poland. Even the Italians have a word for it (Leopoli!). Unfortunately there was never a neutral term in English (perhaps we could have gone for something like Lionsbury?). There...
  • Commented on London Bridge
    On the adjective from Charles; looks like the current convention was that Charles I's reign was the Caroline era and Charles II's the Carolean era, so by that logic Charles III's needs a third adjective. Carolingian might be pushing it...
  • Commented on Behind the Ukraine war
    On the 'the'; in English, single-word country names taking 'the ' are genuninely rare, and decreasing in use (e.g. 'The Gambia') so 'The Ukraine' would stick out as unusual as a country name. Of course names incorporating a common noun...
  • Commented on Lying to the ghost in the machine
    I thought that crocodilians including alligators were one of the few types of reptiles that do have four-chambered hearts? Still, full marks for an interesting route to a dragon apocalypse......
  • Commented on "I doubt me an it be commercial."
    There has been speculation that a lot of the transition from Brythonic (in particular) to English involved people rebranding themselves as English when they did not have the relevant descent. (There are some suspiciously Celtic names in lists of early...
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