• Commented on Books I Will Not Write #8: The Year of the Conspiracy
    QAnon is much more dangerous than the Teabaggers ever were (and I'm saying that under full knowledge they were instrumental in paving the way for Trump). The latter were a discrete astroturf movement controlled by the Kochtopus and which had...
  • Commented on The Inevitable Brexit Thread (2)
    *neo-nazi slogan du jour...
  • Commented on The Inevitable Brexit Thread (2)
    Can somebody explain to me what sort of nasty brainworms this Tingey character has contracted? I see that person unironically use the neo-nazi du jour "Corbyn wants to make Britain into V E N E Z U E L A!!1ONE"...
  • Commented on Peak Brexit
    Cut the anti-"PC" complaining. When Rethuglicans called Obama "niggardly" we all could hear the dogwhistle....
  • Commented on Do my Homework
    The edgelordy cyberpunk readership never forgave him for writing comedy of manners in form of the Drake Maijstral books right after Hardwired and Voice of the Whirlwind came out, so they send one of the seminal works of the genre...
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