Bo Lindbergh

Bo Lindbergh

  • Commented on Typo Hunt: The Labyrinth Index
    109 versus 10⁹... fight!...
  • Commented on Typo Hunt: The Labyrinth Index
    Confirming lost superscript in Orbit EPUB via Apple. The source has plain "109" with no tags on the "9".The package file contains <meta name="generator" content="GeeThik"/>, which tells you exactly whither the conversion was outsourced....
  • Commented on Happy Halloween!
    Yep, there it is....
  • Commented on Publishing: A Slice of Life
    Ditto. The artifact-laden overcompressed look is a nice touch....
  • Commented on Crib Sheet: The Delirium Brief
    (Unhelpful if you're not into ebooks.) Verne is sufficiently dead to be on Project Gutenberg. (Did Typepad sign-in stop working on this blog for anybody else?)...
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