Eric Christian Berg

Eric Christian Berg

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    The cruelty isn't a side-effect, it's the entire point: they want to see people not like them suffer (and don't care if they hurts themselves in the process, e.g. blocking public single-payer healthcare hurts the non-whites even though it hurts...
  • Commented on Invisible Sun: Themes and Nightmares
    By your logic, Hitler existed, therefore we're all Hitler and being a little Nazi is inevitable. Just start right with Godwin, eh? Look over the history of humanity, in wartime and in peace. We are tribal beings who, by...
  • Commented on Invisible Sun: Themes and Nightmares
    Oh, yes, but I don't believe that the majority of people ARE natural sadists (which implies at least strong psychopathic tendencies) when it comes to sex. How commonplace rape is against dehumanized and oppressed groups gives lie to your...
  • Commented on Invisible Sun: Themes and Nightmares
    That reminds me, I want to establish a scale of upbeat to downbeat. I have Peter Watts for the latter end, who would be suitable for the other?...
  • Commented on Creative writing challenge!
    I feel like this is how Tim Powers writes books. :)...
  • Commented on Brexit! Means! Brexit!
    Four words: Bring back the Danelaw....
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