• Commented on Someone please cancel 2019 already?
    Honestly, I do not believe the reign of the beige dictatorship to be over. In most countries the power still remains in the same hands. The Trump Regime in the USA looks like Koch brothers. As before. A bit spice...
  • Commented on Crawling from the wreckage
    Hmm... I do think that we think differently about the implications. Or we do not understand the concept in the same way. Unfortunately the original concept has been too closely related to land and its ownership. Or it has been...
  • Commented on Crawling from the wreckage
    Talking about "carbon taxation" is important, but it may not be the most important issue. The most annoying, and important, problem is, IMHO, the deteriorating ecosystem. We humans kill most of the ecosystem with no thought of how to survive...
  • Commented on Crawling from the wreckage
    "There is a point at which assuming a disaster is inevitable and preparing for it becomes indistinguishable from encouraging it." Could be. Actually doing something that has a positive impact is notoriously difficult. A very effective way to battle climate...
  • Commented on Crawling from the wreckage
    "I'd also point out that I don't know of any hard evidence for a wealthy right-wing conspiracy to commit a majority genocide. From what I've read and heard, they're simply prepping for what they see as an inevitable disaster, not...
  • Commented on Crawling from the wreckage
    As far as I have been able to interpret available data, the worldwide number of people living in extreme poverty has been declining. That is positive. The downside of that is, however, the increased use of non-renewable resources....
  • Commented on Peak Brexit
    Private for-profit military organisations are actually very handy for dirty work. Official military is bound by international agreements, internal regulations, and a bunch of laws. But if employees of those private firms perform some atrocities, then it is quite likely...
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