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    Condolences, and take care of yourself. J Homes...
    It appears that you are posting from the view that there is this thing, humanity, that somehow exists independently of thee, and me, and OGH, and the protesters in Hong Kong, and the other people scattered around the globe (and...
  • Commented on Ask me anything!
    To get back to asking Charlie things. The Nightmare Stacks opens in Whitby, and subsequently we encounter a Lieutenant Jim Cook. Is this mere coincidence, or a very subtly done in-joke (in which case well done)? J Homes....
  • Commented on Upcoming appearances
    Oi! Join the queue, I promised Charlie a beer years ago, once he visited NZ. Also, you being a geological type, do you know Dr Aline Homes, of VUW SGEES? J Homes....
  • Commented on Deaths and Deadlines
    Greg Tingey, Yes, that sort of Vampire....
  • Commented on Deaths and Deadlines
    Charlie, First, take care of yourself. Like most people here, I'd rather your books came late than not at all. Second, when you join us here in Aotearoa, do feel free to remind me that I once promised to buy...
  • Commented on Someone please cancel 2019 already?
    Pigeon, et al, Delurking, to suggest that I may have worked out what you are getting at (pse correct me if wrong). What you you have been proposing is a payroll tax, like the one introduced by the Muldoon Government...
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