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  • Commented on "It'll all be over by Christmas" (Part 2)
    Greg at 2199: These kinds of election speculations are becoming more common now. And the occupant of the White House is always worse than anyone expects. If the election goes the House of Representatives, he'll likely win because each state...
  • Commented on "It'll all be over by Christmas"
    Exactly, the disruption to their cash flow would be extensive until new alternatives are worked out; and the current alternatives, primarily UPS and FedEx, don't deliver to all addresses....
  • Commented on "It'll all be over by Christmas"
    I never comment but follow this blog obsessively. Another reader in the USA, NC specifically. But these times are different. Been thinking about the dustup over USPS financing. In the end the money will be appropriated, because the corporations want...
  • Commented on Someone please cancel 2019 already?
    I'm a new user, very late to this discussion, with a small point on the Puerto Rico statehood question. Apologies if it has been made before & I missed it-- but the political balance of power in the Senate is...
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