• Commented on CASE NIGHTMARE BLONDE, Part 2
    "Notice that the driver was "arrested on suspicion of murder"." It's also possible it is a way to keep driver locked safely away and safe( r ) from being silenced. People committing these crimes are not generally posessed of a...
  • Commented on Tentative hypothesis
    If you want actual functional cross platform portability, use Smalltalk. It’s the only software system good enough to be worth critiquing. Anything else is just...less....
  • Commented on Someone please sack the script-writers
    #133: - "Fluent in English, French, Italian and Latin, gets by in German and Spanish." Unfortunately he's only fluent in lying in all those cases....
  • Commented on Someone please sack the script-writers
    No Charlie, it's *not* April 1st 2020. It's the End; you're in Tipplerania. This is number #5698576464574548765 of {NaN} reruns....
    Hah - I bet we crossed paths either at worldcon or Aber! I was over from Vancouver island for WC, ESUG, work time at Raspberry Pi Foundation and family visits. I’m not entirely sure I’ve ever seen anyone proclaim the...
  • Commented on Upcoming events
    Re: appliances - from experience US domestic appliances are even worse than US cars. We replaced a 22 y.o. Asko washer with a Miele a couple of years ago - same price fo4 a new Asko but better warranty for...
  • Commented on Whoops Apocalypse!
    Re: immigrants being cheap labour; I am an immigrant twice over - UK to US and US to Canada. Both times it was by invitation because I filled a need that only a dozen or so people possibly could. I...
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