Kyle Wilson

Kyle Wilson

  • Commented on A serious question
    May I further chip in a suggestion that perhaps the lack of lycanthropic activity noted in the modern world is due to the moon being farther out (and thus subtending a smaller angle in the night sky) than it once...
  • Commented on I can't keep up
    VX, eh? I guess I'm just glad that they didn't decide to use any of their messier military gadgets to execute the hit. Hoping that we can perhaps concentrate all of the crazy in a short span and get past...
  • Commented on Upcoming travel
    Was good chatting with you at the kaffeeklatch on Sunday. Looking forward to the books to come and hope the flight home is as uneventful as the flight here. I did realize on the drive home that even if the...
  • Commented on Trotskyite singularitarians for Monarchism! A political speculation.
    It gets me every time I hear the 'end of work' thing go around. I'm pretty sure that this refrain has been circulating since the first person decided to try planting a seed using a stick rather than their hands....
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