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    Next step - create scapegoats. While it's traditional to use Jews, in today's UK politics, Trans people are more vulnerable, being attacked by most of the media and fashionistae. While it might take some creativity to manufacture the link between...
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    Sometimes it's simple. Any country that sends tanks over a neighbour's borders should be squashed. As when Iraq attacked Kuwait. In this case, lend-lease to the defenders should be enough. It just costs tens of thousands of civilian casualties, but...
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    https://www.losangelesblade.com/2021/07/07/alleged-trans-incident-at-upscale-la-spa-may-have-been-staged/ Alleged Trans incident at upscale LA Spa may have been staged On June 24th, Instagram user “cubaangel” posted a video of herself angrily confronting a staff member at the Wi Spa in Koreatown, accusing them of letting a disrobed...
  • Commented on Crib Sheet: The Labyrinth Index
    I like Portland Oregon too. Weird. Quite European in many ways. About a decade ago, I presented a paper there during a conference on genetic and evolutionsry computation. Using meta genetic algorithms to optimise parameters of genetic algorithms to solve...
    Given what I expect to be happening with Climate Change over the next decade - even the next 2 years - Brexit and the consequent food riots by the underclass will be lost in the noise. Everyone is pretending that...
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