• Commented on Quantum of Nightmares: spoiler time!
    David, Fully Charged have a video on this: Well worth a watch in my opinion. Bobbyllew and his team do get a little starry-eyed at times but Fully Charged is generally pretty good....
  • Commented on Public appearances in a time of pandemic
    A guy I work with went to his local Aldi this morning in Baulkam Hills - after a 45 minute queue he managed to score an 18-pack. I told him not to spread the news too far or he'll get...
  • Commented on Introducing Dead Lies Dreaming
    Next - to stop someone buying it up & either killing it, because it threatens profits, or renting it out at a ridiculosly high price. It really has to go "open source" to save the Planet ... Thoughts? I'm pretty...
  • Commented on Introducing Dead Lies Dreaming
    I thought I remembered reading something about Chlorine trifluoride before - a quick Google (well, DuckDuckGo really) found Derek Lowe's THINGS I WON'T WORK WITH - That led me to Ignition!, which I haven't finished reading yet....
  • Commented on Introducing Dead Lies Dreaming
    I heard this on the ABC's Science Show with Robyn Williams a few weeks ago, and now an article has popped up on the Guardian - basically bioreactors that produce all sorts of useful molecules, including a flour that apparently...
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