• Commented on An update on the revolutionary experiment
    Not that I see any realistic path for its implementation, but my personal take about the failure mode of the democratic states how they are right now is that it's becoming more and more urgent to recognize a fact that...
  • Commented on Starship bloopers
    Agree quite a bit... there is some distance from "canned monkey do not ship well" check on excessive optimism about the difficulties of space stuff, and recognizing some of the less palatable influences behind tsiolkovism and space as western frontier...
  • Commented on Starship bloopers
    I think in the case of the movie the powered armor would have been a distraction, in a way it would not have been in robocop. For the political point of view of the movie (and of the book too,...
  • Commented on Starship bloopers
    I'm Italian, over 45 but under 50. There is to say that at the same time I was reading Heinlein I was also reading other more or less militaristic/conservatives/preachy/with problematic ethics authors like Poul Anderson, Jack Vance, Larry Niven, Purnelle...
  • Commented on Starship bloopers
    I find endlessly perplexing how so many people do not see how hilarious of a satire starship troopers is. I mean, yes, the connection to the book is tenuous at best, but Verhoeven by his own words was interested in...
  • Commented on Central Banking on Mars!
    @217 If you are purely talking about extending livable surface for general population, yes, at this point in time colonizing Mars makes no sense. Still, points in its favor: 1. it's cool: some kind of people are more likely to...
  • Commented on Covid on Mars
    Well, a martian colony, due to technological trends already active and being accelerated right now, should be much more easily converted to a social distancing and contagion tracking measures. First of all, like yourself noted, learning is already mostly distance....
  • Commented on Roll the dice
    Well, regarding semiconductors, while it's true that sending a state-of-the-art chips factory to mars would be impossibly expensive, there is also the fact that lower grade semiconductor printers can be quite a lot cheaper and much more compact. In industrial...
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