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    Relative humidity (RH) is the ratio between the vapour pressure (loosely, the mass of water in the air per cubic metre) and the saturation vapour pressure (the amount that the air can hold without precipitation forming). VP(sat) increases roughly exponentially...
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    Another data-point on the "small number of host generations" side: when myxomatosis was introduced to the Australian rabbit population, it attenuated within 2 years enough that the rabbits lasted long enough to transmit it. A generation of scientists spent their...
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    "being left or right handed in baseball is more important than in most sports..." (Field) hockey. The stick is asymmetrical (J-shaped), it has a flat side and a rounded side. All hockey sticks are made so that a right-handed stance...
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    OK, I'll bite: Republic of Ireland: 3 year war of independence a century ago, a full democracy* today (cf the USA, a flawed democracy) South Africa: long-running insurgency leading to a semi-peaceful transfer of power in 1994; the one generation...
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    Returning to the OP: "Lockdown can't be sustained more than 1-2 weeks after peak ICU occupancy passes" This isn't really supported by the Australian experience. Peak ICU was on about 4 April. Today we had the very first moves toward...
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    Have you considered Qatar? They go Edinburgh-Doha then Doha-Auckland. Not the ideal owners, I realize......
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